Offer Financing is the most practice-friendly patient financing solution available for LASIK surgeons.We work with hundreds of LASIK specialists nationwide to help give their patients access to fast, affordable financing directly at the point of sale.

  • More approvals than other financing options we can approve a wide range of credit scores giving you up to 30% more patient approvals than the leading competitor!

  • No costs for promotional financing plans plus, all loans paid within six months are interest-free

  • A fast, easy application process that saves time for your employees clients can apply for financing in as little as seven minutes and receive a decision within seconds

  • A personal Relationship Manager for any questions or support your Relationship Manager will be your personal point of contact, available to call anytime you need assistance

our patients get affordable loan terms with zero prepayment penalty and zero penalty interest rates, and no interest on loans paid within six months. You get the power to offer more of your patients the services they really want, helping you quickly grow your practice. Call 1 (800) 574-9945 today to learn more about partnering with, and find out you can increase your cash flow with more financing approvals, no fees, and without the hassle and red tape of other financing options or enroll now with our online form.

Applying For a Lasik Loans Is Fast, Easy, & Completely Confidential